Looking For a Truly Distinctive Piece of Jewelry? Try Rose Gold!

December 14, 2021

Rose Gold Charm Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, your choices in metals can sometimes feel a bit restrictive.  The majority of pieces are either yellow gold, or a grey metal such as silver, platinum, or white gold.  There aren't many other options, especially when copper tarnishes so easily and can stain the skin.

Except, that is, for rose gold!

Rose gold is an alloy made of around 75% gold and 25% copper.  The more copper is in the mix, the redder the overall look of the metal.  In many ways, it's a great "best of both worlds" option.  You get the durability and long-lasting appeal of gold, but in an interesting color, and without the tarnishing and staining of regular copper.  Rose gold is also an excellent choice for gifts between lovers since red is the color of romance!

Rose gold is particularly popular for necklaces, and there are so many different types to choose from.  As the holiday season approaches, these are some of the most popular styles and uses for rose gold that we've seen.

How To Rock A Rose Gold Look

1 - Rose Gold Chain Necklaces

Chains have re-entered the mainstream, and now anyone can pull them off. Chains are bold and brash.  They're a great choice for casual outfits, or when you're going out for a night of bars and clubs or just to dinner.  No matter how you wear them, rose gold creates a distinctive vibe that is certain to catch plenty of eyes!

To really complete the look, add chains elsewhere, such as a chain bracelet.  They also pair well with stud earrings or nose studs.

2 - Rose Gold Pendants

A small rose gold chain or strand can be a great way to hold up the pendant of your choice.  Pendants are an evergreen choice for feminine neckwear, as well as creating a statement.  The right pendant can define your personality, your philosophy, your religion, or more!

Pendants can work with virtually any outfit, from casual going out to intense business meetings.  They're simple and adjustable.  They can be subtle, or they can stand out.  A rose gold pendant necklace is truly your opportunity to make a statement in a way that everyone will see.

3 - Rose Gold Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces are an absolute classic that never goes out of style.  Fun, carefree, and with a hint of youth, a charm necklace can be worn on its own for an extremely subtle piece of jewelry, or with any number of charms attached.

What's the difference between a charm and a pendant?  The size.  Pendants are larger than charms.  Plus, a pendant necklace usually only has a single attached piece, while charm necklaces can have more than one charm.  Rose gold charm necklaces are a great way to show off your personality or create a truly distinct signature item.  The rose color will only enhance the 'charm' of your charm necklace.

4 - Rose Gold Lariat Necklaces

If you're looking for something a little different, which is distinctive and eye-catching, look to the lariat necklace.  Lariats are necklaces or chains with a loop on one end that the other end passes through, continuing downwards and dangling - usually with a charm or pendant on the end.

Lariats are among the most comfortable of necklaces, since the 'fit' shifts as you move.  Almost anything can dangle from the end, so they're like a more unique and personalized version of a pendant necklace.  When you use rose gold, they're sure to stand out and attract plenty of eyes.

5 - Rose Gold Choker Necklaces

Chokers are hot this season!  On one hand, they're relatively subtle and can pair with just about any outfit. On the other hand, the tightness of the fit says that you're someone who likes having some fun and has a bold fashion sense. They can be chic, sexy, elegant and more. That all depends on the choker, and how you rock it.

Rose gold choker necklaces are particularly good at drawing eyes because the color attracts attention.  When you want a less-expensive piece of jewelry that still makes an impressive statement, it's hard to go wrong with a choker.

6- Rose Gold Statement Pieces

There's no single rule for how a statement piece can be made - only that it's big, it's bold, and it is absolutely unmistakable.  Statement pieces are chunky, usually with plenty of gems involved, and typically dangle midway between the throat and breast.  They stand out and are typically the most prominent and eye-catching part of an outfit. 

If you like to wear your hair down, statement pieces are a great choice.  Long hair can frame them perfectly.  Plus, when your statement necklace is made of rose gold, it's sure to stand out no matter your hair or skin color.

7 - Layered necklaces

Finally, ask yourself: why limit yourself to only one necklace?  Layered looks are huge this year!  By combining rose gold necklaces of various lengths, you can create some amazing looks and impressions.  

The trick is to vary the size of each piece, such as having a choker, along with a mid-length pendant, and a dangling statement piece below that.  If you're layering, be sure to also include some earrings and bracelets that also stand out!  A layered set of necklaces are the most distinctive combination of jewelry you can put together, and you'll absolutely get people talking.

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