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Wellesley Row Story

Thanks for visiting us at Wellesley Row. Our company believes in living life well. To us, that means creating a beautiful collection of moments and remembering them! Moments filled with everyday pleasures, incredible people, inviting surrounds, colorful stories, and life-changing events.

It was truly a moment of serendipity that lead to the start of our jewelry line. Having a profound love of fashion and all things luxurious, Kelly was lucky enough to inherit a lovely coat, which belonged to Peter's stylish late mother. It was a dress coat for special occasions and one that, although beautiful, didn't get much wear. As we were rushing out the door for a special evening out, Kelly remembered the coat and quickly threw it on. Being the the dead of winter and having forgotten her gloves, Kelly immediately plunged her cold hands deep into the pockets of the coat. That was the moment of discovery! Kelly felt something in one of the pockets. As she removed it she heard a jingling sound and to her surprise, instead of old coins or keys, it was a silver charm bracelet! The bracelet had extraordinary meaning since Kelly never had the pleasure of getting to know Peter's mom. After studying each charm on the bracelet, Kelly felt like she was given a profound gift - a special way to know Peter's mom without ever having met.

That night really inspired Kelly to create an updated version of the classic charm bracelet. A piece of jewelry where each charm tells your story. A piece of jewelry that celebrates your fondest moments. A piece of jewelry that becomes a family heirloom. A piece of jewelry that leaves your legacy. 

We believe every woman has a unique and worthy story to tell and deserves to celebrate her best moments with our upscale jewelry!   We're Kelly & Peter Andersson, the husband and wife team behind the jewelry brand. All of our pieces and packaging are designed, engineered and developed by the two of us. We're proud of our jewelry and the Wellesley Row brand. It is our sincerest hope that you enjoy wearing it as much as we love creating it! 

All the best,

Kelly & Peter