Gold, Rose Gold, Or Silver - Which Is the Right Choice?

December 28, 2021

Rose Gold Choker Necklace

When looking through jewelry, such as gold toggle necklaces or sterling silver monogram necklaces, one question that often comes up is "Which metal is the right choice?"  Maybe the piece is for you, or it's intended as a gift, but either way - you should pick the right material for the right person.

Three of the most popular options are yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. Let's take a look at their differences, and when they're a good choice.

Comparing The Three Most Popular Metals In Jewelry

I. Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the newer options in jewelry.  It's an alloy that is approximately 75% gold to 25% copper, giving the metal a red tint.  "Rose gold" covers several different colors, including red, pink, and rose gold.  They all include copper, in slightly different ratios.

Rose gold is stronger than standard yellow gold, thanks to the copper, and sometimes a bit less expensive.  Being red or pink, it also has a suggestion of romance - so give rose gold to a lover, not a friend.  Rose gold works well with a variety of skin tones, both light, and dark.

II. Yellow gold

Yellow gold is one of the more expensive options in jewelry, but that also adds to its value and charm.  Gold never tarnishes, and it's easily repaired.  A sturdy gold ring or gold toggle necklace could genuinely last for generations with minimal maintenance.  If it needs to be cleaned, all you need is soapy water.

Gold also works well with almost any skin tone.  The only significant drawback is that gold is relatively soft and can be damaged by scratches or impacts.  That said, it's also just as easily repaired.

III. Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is less expensive than gold and can be a good choice for someone in your life you care about but isn't a lover.  Silver is also harder than gold and will stand up to daily wear more than some other metals.  Like with yellow gold, it can fit almost any skin tone.

It must be cleaned regularly to maintain its luster.  Also, some people are allergic to silver, so be careful if this is intended as a gift.

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