Men's Jewelry Can Be the Perfect Holiday Gift!

December 21, 2021

Men's Jewelry Can Be the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Looking for a great holiday gift for a man in your life?  No one says 'no' to jewelry!  From men's sterling silver cufflinks to stylish contemporary beadwork, there's a renaissance in men's jewelry happening and every man should get in on it.

At Wellesley Row, we carry a selection of men's cufflinks that are perfect for every look or any occasion. These are some of the most popular types we see people buying for holiday gifts.

The Latest Trends In Men's Jewelry

Of course, men's fashion is significantly different from women's fashion, with its own trends.  If you're looking for types of pieces, these are among the most popular:

Necklaces have always been in style, and probably won't ever go out of style.  Today, there are more options than ever before.  Low-hanging necklaces have become increasingly popular among the mainstream, although mid-hanging options continue to be mainstays.   

Rings are another timeless option, and they're increasingly common.  From simple bands to elaborate heavy pieces, rings are a great way to show off a man's style and taste and are also good just to catch the eye whenever he's shaking someone's hand.

Bracelets are quickly becoming a unisex item! Previously more of a trend for women, more and more men have started wearing bracelets.  A simpler piece, such as a bead bracelet, could be a good choice, romantic or not, for a male friend, family member or significant other.

Cufflinks are a staple of men's fashion and have been since the 19th Century.  This is the refined, upper-class choice that would be great for a corporate player or business owner.

What about the material you ask? Don’t worry, you have plenty of options.

Leather (or faux leather) is making a comeback, thanks to its low costs and "earthy" appeal, while making a statement at the same time. This is another good gift choice for any relationship.

Beadwork is on the rise again.  Beads signify a man is free-spirited, and he's interested in his looks, but without being pretentious about it. 

Silver is the understated, but still respectable choice.  No businessman would turn down a set of men's sterling silver cufflinks, and it's also great for affordable bracelets or rings. 

Gold has never gone out of style, and never will.  Gold is a perfect material for any type of jewelry and says "I care about you" in a way few other metals can.


Wellesley Row has jewelry for every man in your life, no matter your relationship.  Click here to browse our selection of men's sterling silver cufflinks, or our choices in gold.

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