The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

July 09, 2021

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Choosing jewelry for someone you care about can be a stressful endeavor, especially if you're not quite sure where to start. There are so many different options out there, from necklaces to silver initial bracelets to earrings, and the last thing that anyone wants to do is completely miss the mark when gifting something as sentimental as jewelry. Lucky for you, we're here to help you through the process! 

Check out some of these incredible tips for finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend: 

Determine Your Price Range

The first step when buying any gift is to narrow down your price range, which will help you narrow down your options. For example, if you're only able to spend around $100, a sterling silver initial bracelet set with multiple charms to go with it will likely be out of your price range. However, a pair of beautiful pearl earrings might not be. Figuring out your price range is a great first step to take to narrow down your options. 

Look for Clues

After determining your price point, the next step is to start doing some sleuthing! Take a look through your partner's current jewelry and see what type of jewelry she has the most of. For example, does she have a huge collection of rings that she likes to switch out with her outfits? Or maybe she's more of an earring girl, with lots of different sets of earrings and few bracelets. While it might be tempting to think, "oh, she doesn't very have many necklaces, so I should get her one of those," the truth is that you want to buy her something you know she'll enjoy wearing. If she doesn't have many necklaces, then chances are she doesn't wear them regularly or maybe only has a very specific style she enjoys.

When it comes to clues, don't forget to also keep your ears open and take mental notes anytime she mentions liking or disliking a specific style. Does she follow any specific jewelry accounts on social media? What does she wear most often on a daily basis, and what does she put on if she's going out for a special occasion? Paying attention to these smaller details will help give you a good idea of where to start.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you've narrowed it down to a specific type of jewelry, it's time to dig deeper and look for some specifics. Make note of whether she has more gold or silver jewelry. Do her rings have large stones in them, or are they more simple bands? Are the pieces made of wood, metal, beads, or do they have gemstones? Do her current pieces look older and more vintage, or are they sleek and modern? Really do your best to get a feel for what styles she likes, and remember you're looking for something that she will love and want to wear, not just something you think would look cool.

Define the Relationship

The next important thing to consider is what point you're at in your relationship. You want to make sure that you're getting something that matches with the level of time you've been together and that you're not overshooting or undershooting what's appropriate.

Early Stages: If your relationship is still on the newer side, perhaps a few months, and you're looking for an appropriate birthday or holiday gift, it's probably best not to get something too extravagant. You want something simple that says you care, but maybe you're not quite ready to say "I'm in love" yet. In these instances, a simple necklace, bracelet, or earrings are probably just the ticket.

Getting Serious: Maybe you're not quite yet ready to get married, but you're serious, committed, in love, and you're looking for something to show that. This is definitely the moment to go with an option that's a little bit more special and personalized, like maybe a sterling silver initial bracelet, or a pair of gemstone earrings. Keep in mind her aesthetic and the types of pieces that she commonly wears, but you can also start to get a bit more intricate at this stage with style and aesthetics.

Special Moments: When it comes to special moments like anniversaries or milestone birthdays, it's time to put in the time and money to get something she will treasure forever. Here is where you can look for pieces with specific gemstones and colors that she likes, explore more intricately engraved pieces, and lean more towards classier looks than her day-to-day jewelry. If you're looking for inspiration on what to get her, check out the jewelry she has that she only wears on special occasions and that has the most significance to her, and use that as your starting point.

Ask for Help!

When all else fails, the absolute most important thing to remember is that it's never a bad idea to ask for help! The reality is that lots of women enjoy talking about jewelry with one another. Whether it's gushing about the latest necklace styles, or discussing which types of earrings they love and hate, the chances are that your girlfriend's friends will have a pretty solid idea of what they like and don't like. Not only will asking for a second opinion likely lead to better results with your gift-giving, but it will also score you a few extra points on the thoughtfulness scale with your girlfriend's friends as well!

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