Gemstone Jewelry: Gemstone Meanings and Powers

June 20, 2021

Fuchsia Hot Pink Chalcedony Gemstone Bracelet

The use of gemstones in jewelry and adornment for their cultural meaning and significance has been a common theme in many different cultures for centuries. Whether you're wearing a ring with lapis lazuli, a necklace speckled with rose quartz, or a bracelet full of aqua chalcedony, each unique gemstone carries with it deeper meanings and values which have been attributed to it by generations of wearers.

Historical Significance of Gemstones

From historical and archaeological records dating back centuries, we know that cultures across the world have long treasured gemstones for their unique beauty and spiritual powers. Amulets created from gemstones can be seen throughout history as a major part of cultural adornments, including the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans, and even the Assyrians. Gemstones played an important role in distinguishing social status in historical societies and in supporting the wearer's journey to the afterlife. Gemstones such as lapis lazuli, amber, agate, quartz, and chalcedony have both historically and in the modern-day been widely sought after for their unique and powerful characteristics.


This beautiful gem ranges from deep blue to soft pale pink, and each shade of chalcedony is linked to deeper characteristics and powers. With its gorgeous marine color, aqua chalcedony is said to imbue properties that help the wearer nurture love with their loved ones. The deeper blue chalcedony is viewed as having a calming effect on its wearer and is said to be the perfect amulet in stressful moments. Pink chalcedony is said to inspire optimism and protect its wearer from negative thoughts and emotions.


Another popular gemstone that can be seen throughout both history and the modern-day is agate. When it appears in the beautiful shade of blue lace agate, the stone is said to soothe intense and difficult emotions by providing an overwhelming feeling of stillness. When it appears in its gentle pink and deeper coral agate form, it's said to imbue a sense of inner peace to the wearer.


When it comes to quarts, particularly rose quartz, it is commonly viewed as a love stone. Its powers are said to imbue feelings of love and passion to those who wear it. Another common type of quartz is smoky quartz, which is thought to bring about a sunny disposition and a sense of inner optimism.

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