Discover our clasp

Charm Clasp

We obsess over details at Wellesley Row. Those who know us would say even that's an understatement. Our clasp is custom designed by us and we think it's kind of amazing! That's why we want you to discover it. 

When we decided to make a collection of charms, we knew we wanted to make ours best in class. We started studying what was on the market and thought we could do a whole lot better in functionality and design.

We didn't like how many classic charms were being sold with a ring that needs to be soldered onto a link of the charm bracelet. It's a pain to have to make a trip to the jeweler and pay for this. Women are very busy nowadays. As a married, mom of two with a business - I know! Another downside was the charm is stuck in that spot on your bracelet after soldering. There was no flexibility to change the look of your charm bracelet or charm necklace. 

Our clasp has an arm on the back side that opens and closes. No soldering required and it allows you to easily move around the charms on your charm bracelet and charm necklace anytime you desire. We wanted to give our customers the chance to change the look of their Wellesley Row jewelry to match their outfit, occasion or mood. 

Another problem we found was that most charm clasps looked quite ugly from a design standpoint. Some companies had pretty looking charms attached to ho-hum, ubiquitous clasps. Instead of viewing the clasp as a mechanical part connecting the charm to the bracelet, we saw our clasp as an elegant extension of the bracelet or necklace. As a result, we made our clasp oval-shaped to compliment the shape our of links we use on the bracelet and necklace. 

We also saw an opportunity to laser on all the required markings right onto the clasp instead of cluttering the back side of the charm with them. Each of our clasps is marked with our Wellesley Row bow logo, 925 (since they are sterling silver) and the country of origin of the charm. We thought this decision made the charms even more beautiful. 

We hope you enjoy our thoughtfully designed, movable clasp!