Tips for Choosing Everyday Jewelry

September 21, 2021

Tips for Choosing Everyday Jewelry

If you're looking to add some jewelry to your everyday wardrobe so you can up your overall aesthetic vibe, then there's a lot to consider. The same holds true if you're looking to buy a piece of jewelry for a loved one and want to ensure that it's something she will feel comfortable wearing on a regular day. Whether you're looking for some statement earrings or a sterling silver initial bracelet, check out this ultimate guide for choosing everyday jewelry.


When it comes to jewelry, our eyes are often much bigger than our wallets, so it's important to make sure you go into any shopping excursion with an idea of how much money you want to invest and for what purpose. Are you looking for a quality pair of sterling silver earrings that can easily float between daytime to evening wear and that is also durable enough to last you the long haul? Or are you looking to buy a few pieces of jewelry that are more up to the current trend but not necessarily made with durability in mind? Regardless of your budget, you can still find some beautiful on-trend pieces at many different stores. However, it's important to know your price ceiling and what type of pieces you're looking to invest in.


Perhaps the most important part of picking out your daytime jewelry is making sure it's comfortable for the time you'll be wearing it. If you're planning on having the piece on for the entire day, make sure that it's not too heavy and doesn't have sharp edges that might irritate your skin. Save those heavy flashy pieces for excursions that are only a few hours long and when you can be sure they won't be too uncomfortable, rather than wearing them the entire day.

Aesthetic Style

The next important thing to consider is the overall vibe you're trying to portray with this piece. When choosing jewelry, you should think about what overall look or image you want to put out into the world and select your pieces according to that goal. Here are a few different general aesthetic themes that select styles of jewelry can contribute to.

Casual: If you're going for an overall casual vibe, this is a great opportunity to wear some simple sentimental jewelry. Maybe you have a simple charm bracelet with some passion charms attached to it expressing your love of palm trees or animals, or maybe you have a simple chain necklace with a sentimental locket on it. With casual outfits like jeans and a simple top, sentimental pieces are an amazing way to express overall comfort while also adding a bit of extra polish to your look. Don't forget that even if you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt, adding some simple jewelry can still pull together a relaxed but feminine vibe and help make a casual look come off as cool and effortless rather than sloppy. 

Elegant: If you have a job where looking polished and dressing professionally every day is essential, then some chic, elegant jewelry is exactly what you need. This also goes for those who may have a more flexible dress code but who love a good evening and weekend cocktail attire moment. When opting for more elegant jewelry, it's always a good idea to invest in some higher-end pieces that can easily transition from day to night looks. For example, pieces with diamonds, pearls, and classic sterling silver and gold cuts are always a good look for an overall elegant vibe. You also want to ensure that your pieces don't have too much bling or flashiness, as a lot of busy jewelry can take away from a clean and polished look and cheapen the overall appearance.

Preppy: If you're looking for a preppy cute look with a polo or button-down, then some simple and classic pieces are a great choice to pull your look together. A silver initial bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings are excellent choices for putting forth a polished and classic day appearance. If you want to get across a polished but more casual vibe, then a preppy look with some simple pieces is always a great option.

Boho: If you're looking for a stylish daytime look to go with a flowy top or dress, then throwing on some boho jewelry can really help bring together an overall relaxed and beautiful outfit. For boho pieces, consider some long and dangly earrings, a collection of loose bracelets, or even a pendant necklace. If your statement pieces are colorful and have a bit less bling to them, then showing your jewelry off with a boho outfit can highlight them without making them the focal point of your ensemble.

Statement Pieces: If you really want to highlight a piece of jewelry, the best way to do it is to wear a simple outfit to ensure the focal point of your look is your show-stopping piece. Whether it's a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, make sure your outfit frames the piece and doesn't detract from it by wearing simple neutral tone colors.

Trendy Jewelry: If you want to hop on board and wear a trendy piece in your everyday outfit, there's no harm in doing a bit of research first to see how fashion magazines and influencers are pairing the pieces. If you've got a trendy silver initial bracelet or a vintage silver turquoise ring, do some searching for what types of colors and clothes will best complement that trendy jewelry and bring together your overall outfit.

Wellesley Row

If you're looking for beautiful and trendy everyday jewelry, we have some incredible options for you at Wellesley Row. Our pieces are unique and crafted to help you express your personal style, and our professional staff can help support you with any questions you might have. Get in touch today and let us help you find the perfect piece of everyday jewelry to add to your collection!


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