The Ultimate Guide to Layering Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

July 09, 2021

Layered Charm Bracelet

We've all seen the look- a fashionable lady strutting down the street with a well-balanced and beautifully proportioned set of layered jewelry. Whether it's a wrist full of watches and bracelets, a hand full of beautiful and unique rings, or a set of layered and delicate necklaces, there is an art to layering your jewelry that can often be tricky to master. If you want to conquer the layering look for any type of jewelry, you'll need to get familiar with the fine balance of delicate and statement pieces, which will help you look trendy instead of kitschy or unpolished. Check out this ultimate guide to layering your jewelry and find the perfect pieces for your personal style.

Why Consider Layering your Jewelry

Everyone knows how it feels to be a little bit indecisive with your pieces and want to just throw on a few things simultaneously. Well, one of the best parts about layering your jewelry is that you don't necessarily need to choose! There's no need to limit yourself to just one or two items, and the rise in popularity of layering as a fashion trend means it's not abnormal to have a few of your favorite pieces on all at the same time. However, as with most fashion trends, there is both a right and a wrong way to show off the style. When done right, layering pieces can add a unique richness to casual and more formal looks alike. However, if your mix is too bold when combining jewelry styles or metals, then the intense clashing of styles might come off as cheap and unpolished. Here are some tips divided by each type of piece to make sure your layering is on point.


When you're layering your necklaces, there are a few foundational rules to remember. First things first, no mixing metals! Just because your two favorite necklaces are gold and silver, it doesn't mean that the new layering trend means they can suddenly fit. Stay away from mixing metals in all layering, as it can make the final look seem busy and unpolished.

The next big ground rule is to always remember to mix up lengths when layering necklaces. Throwing on a few different pieces of all the same lengths defeats the purpose, as none of them will stand out and be a statement on their own. When it comes to distinguishing between length and effect, here are a few different options that can help guide your decisions:

The Graduated Effect: This look entails combining some of your more delicate and shorter pieces with ones that are a bit thicker and longer. For example, a shorter delicate chain combined with a medium-length sterling silver charm necklace and finished with a longer pendant would achieve a graduated layered effect. Keep in mind both the length and weight of the pieces to achieve this gradual effect.

The Personalized Look: This look is more tailored to your individual style, with the focal point being a piece that is unique to you and that you want to highlight. This focal point might be something with your initials, a sterling silver charm, or even a medallion or pendant that you want to showcase. When you are looking to highlight these types of pieces, the best method is to frame your focal point with some more delicate necklaces like small chains or diamonds, which can add depth and highlight the star of the show.

The Collar Moment: If you're wearing something like a button-up top with the top button or two open, you can mimic the neckline of a collar by showing off some layered chunky necklaces. With this look, lengths should still be varied, but there shouldn't be any extra-long pieces. The necklaces should rest comfortably around your neck without too much extra length to really mimic that collar shape. This is the perfect occasion to mix it up with some enamel pieces and add a unique element to a classic button-up shirt.

Bracelets and Watches

When you're looking to layer on some wrist pieces, the first and most important place to start is to choose a focal piece and build out from there. Whether this means a watch, a chunky bangle, or a delicate jaw-dropper, make sure your other bracelets are complimenting and not taking away from the piece of jewelry you want to show off most.

Trendy Daytime: If you're looking for a trendy daytime moment to pair with a flowy dress or casual outfit, start with something like a bright and colorful cuff. Then, throw on another bangle or two, or even a watch with a thinner band, and finish off the look with a delicate threaded bracelet or chain. Also, remember to match your metals, but don't be too scared to play with different textures, as a casual setting allows you to do so!

Boho Chic: If you're looking for something to up your boho aesthetic, then beaded bracelets will be your best friend. Make sure you layer quite a few bracelets for this look and throw in some colored bangles as well.

Delicate Feminine: With outfits that are a bit more on the formal side, it's always a good call to opt for bracelet layering that's a bit more feminine and delicate. It's important to put a bit more thought into this look and steer clear of louder and chunky pieces. With this style, light chains and subtle sterling silver charms will be your friend!


Having multiple rings on each hand is a style that has grown in prominence in recent years. When you're looking to stack or layer your rings, make sure you take into account some of these tips:

  • Make sure you're playing with different styles and weights if you're wearing multiple rings. Try mixing in some delicate pieces along with thicker bands and large stones. 
  • If you're stacking multiple rings on the same finger, make sure it's on one of the three center fingers, as stacking on the pinky or thumb can throw off the overall balance and aesthetic of the look.
  • Don't forget to play with textures here as well. A plain and delicate sterling silver band can complement a woven metal look while also adding depth to the overall aesthetic.

Layer Your Look with Our Sterling Silver Jewelry & Charms

If you're looking for some beautiful pieces to help make sure your layering game is on point, check out all of the amazing jewelry we have to offer at Wellesley Row. From delicate chains to chunky pendants or charms, we have tons of pieces to help you express your personality and style. Get in touch with us today and let us help you find the perfect new piece to add to your collection!


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