The Story of Charm Bracelets & Jewelry

September 20, 2018

Personalized Silver Charm Bracelet

charm bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry - it’s a statement that can represent something very special and personal to the wearer. But did you know that there is a deep-rooted history behind the charm bracelets that we now wear? If you’re currently wearing or are planning to buy one of our Wellesley Row initial charm bracelets, here’s a bit of their back story.

The History of Charm & Token Jewelry

Wearing charms and tokens is something our ancient ancestors used to scare off evil spirits and bring prosperity. The charms and tokens they used included bones, clay, wood, and seashells, among other things. The Egyptians are credited with creating the first charm-type jewelry made from stones and metals.

The Role of Charm Bracelets in Egypt

As with many ancient cultures, the afterlife played a significant role in their culture and everyday life. Charm bracelets and jewelry not only protected people’s spirits from evil, but also represented the level of status that the spirit carried on earth and helped the spirit attain its rightful place in the afterlife.

The Royals & Beyond

The royal family, and specifically Queen Victoria, were drawn to beautiful accessories and jewelry. Queen Victoria boosted the popularity of charm bracelets and made them a go-to fashion accessory for the masses.

During and after this period, charm bracelets started to see the addition of such charms and materials like diamonds, gold, and even custom charm designs. For war heroes returning from Europe and afar, charms were a popular gift for their wives and girlfriends back home.

Charm Bracelets in Present Time

Nowadays, charm bracelets are very popular amongst all demographics. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other type of special occasion, charm bracelets are a common choice. The ability to choose your own charm (or charms) and the versatility of being able to pair them with casual or dress attire have both significantly contributed to their popularity over time.

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