Sterling Silver- the New Gold

September 15, 2021

Sterling Silver- the New Gold

While many have often seen silver as a ‘lesser metal’ second to gold, current international jewelry markets suggest otherwise. While gold is certainly beautiful, the beauty and affordability of sterling silver jewelry have led to a massive rise in the popularity of silver pieces. Despite this fact, most people are unaware of what exactly the standard silver is in jewelry, and what additional benefits buying sterling silver jewelry might have. Check out these interesting facts about sterling silver and keep them in mind next time you’re looking for a beautiful set of drop earrings or a funky pineapple charm to add to your bracelet!

What Does Sterling Silver Mean?

The type of silver that is commonly titled ‘sterling silver’ is actually only made up of 92.5% silver. Surprisingly enough, 99% silver is quite soft in terms of metal and can be easily damaged. Because of this, the additional 7.5% of other metals in sterling silver helps add strength and durability to the jewelry. These metals also help with longevity, as silver often tarnishes over time. Ensuring that you’re regularly cleaning and polishing your silver is also crucial to helping it stay beautiful throughout the decades.

Sterling Silver Foundation

While 92.5% of sterling silver is made up of silver, a combination of other alloys is used to enhance the silver. These other metals might include zinc or nickel, but the most common addition is copper. This is because copper provides peak durability without heavily impacting color. The addition of copper to a piece of sterling silver jewelry will not impact price as long as the piece remains around the 92.5% silver mark. What will heavily impact the price of a sterling silver piece is the labor put into it and the complexity of its design.

Rise in Popularity

There are many reasons why silver jewelry has expanded into a booming industry, and the rise in certain trends has undoubtedly helped. Take, for example, the popularity of personalized charm bracelets with tiny sterling silver reproductions of everything from pineapple charms to palm tree charms. In addition to trends, allergies to certain metals have also been on the rise, particularly for young women who often encounter more inexpensive metals in knock-off and cheaply made jewelry. Sterling silver, however, is hypoallergenic and therefore preferable when it comes to buying gorgeous and affordable jewelry.

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