Graduation Gifts

April 27, 2018

Sterling Silver Graduation Charm

Hats off to the graduates! Graduation season is fast-approaching and soon the invites will be pouring in. Of course, you won't want to arrive empty-handed. Inside of gifting money, our suggestion is to bring something more personal that will help her remember this very special day.

Our sterling silver Yarmouth graduation charm makes for a tasteful graduation gift to celebrate quite the accomplishment. It's made in Italy and will be a lovely addition to your favorite graduate's sterling silver charm bracelet or sterling silver charm necklace from Wellesley Row. There's even two small lines engraved on the tassel to make it look, well, like a tassel!

For all the graduates don't forget to dream big! As you move from high school to college or from college to "the real world", read on for some pearls of wisdom from Wellesley Row. Figure out what makes your mind smile then study or work your hardest to be the best at it. Don't study something or take a job because you think you "should" - it will never make you happy in the long run. Manners never, ever go out of style (hello, hand-written thank you post-interview). Be mindful of the company you keep and strive to present your best self (even on social media). Take time to have interesting experiences and push yourself well outside of your comfort zone. Celebrate your "wins" big or small! 

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