Jewelry Is Beautiful - But What Does It Mean?

December 05, 2021

Jewelry Is Beautiful - But What Does It Mean?

Perhaps your loved one gave you a rose gold choker necklace with a symbol you aren't familiar with. Maybe you have a hand-me-down ring with a design you've never seen before. This happens to us all - jewelry is always filled with symbolism, and we don't always know what it means.

Since jewelry is about celebrating you, we thought we'd help out. These are some of the most common symbols seen on jewelry, and what they mean.

What Does That Symbol On Your Rose Gold Choker Necklace Mean?

1 - Triangles

Most of the time, triangles represent a trinity. Surprising, right? For Christians, this can signify the Holy Trinity of the father, son, and holy ghost. However, triumvirates are found in many cultures and philosophies - not just Christianity. What trios are important to you?

In addition, the way the triangle points has meaning. An upward-pointing triangle is traditionally masculine, and the downward-pointing triangle is feminine. Keep this in mind when buying jewelry for that special someone!

2 - Circles

Circles, loops, and similar symbols represent unity, wholeness, and perfection. This could be the unity of marriage, the completeness of a family, the cosmic perfection, or anything in between. It's little wonder that loops have always been one of the most popular shapes for jewelry!

3 - Infinity

Infinity is represented by a sideways figure-eight - representing an endless loop, feeding back in on itself. In many ancient eastern cultures, such as in India and Tibet, the sideways figure-eight also represented duality, such as the split between man and woman. Of course, today, an infinity sign in jewelry is more often associated with endless undying love.

4 - Hamsa

The hamsa is a design based on the human palm and fingers and may also have an eye in the center of the palm. It's a Middle Eastern symbol of luck and power, believed to ward off bad omens, spirits, and other things you don't want to pester you. Hamsas can have many complicated, unique designs and are often the centerpiece of truly eye-catching signature pieces.

5 - Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is a well-known symbol of luck, and that's true for jewelry as well. This symbol appears often in Anglo-Saxon jewelry and is a highly distinctive choice. If you want to give the gift of luck, a clover always fits the mood.

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