How to Wear Bracelets – The Guide for Men and Women

August 10, 2021

How to Wear Bracelets – The Guide for Men and Women

Bracelets can be an amazing addition to any outfit for both men and women. Whether you want to rock an engraved bracelet, something funky with beads, or a graduation charm bracelet, adding on some wrist candy can really help enhance your overall look while also adding some personal style to your aesthetic choices. Here are some tips for making sure your bracelets enhance your ensemble rather than clash with it. 

Mixing Materials

While wearing multiple bracelets can bring up your style score, make sure to be careful about the different types of bracelets you're rocking. While sterling silver or gold might look great on their own, having a mix of different metals on your wrist can come off as chaotic and may clash with an overall tailored look. Instead of mixing metals, keep your metals consistent and spice up a jumble of bracelets by adding other materials like beads or leather.

Don’t Be Afraid to Layer

Layering jewelry is a fashionable look right now - if you have bracelets made from the same metals but with different sizes, thicknesses, and patterns, don't be afraid to layer them up. This is especially true for any bracelets with statement gemstones, as framing those pieces with some simpler and more delicate bracelets can draw attention to the more intricate and eye-catching pieces.

Overall Aesthetic Matching

Make sure to pay special attention to color choices when matching your bracelet with your overall aesthetic look. For example, if you have a striking piece with brightly colored gemstones in colors like red, blue, or green, it's always good to pair these pieces with an outfit that has neutral tones to avoid clashing. If you're dressing up for a big event and wearing an eye-catching outfit, a simple gold or sterling silver engraved bracelet might be an excellent complementary choice to avoid drawing away attention from your outfit.

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Not only are bracelets a fantastic accessory to have on hand for yourself, but they also make incredible gifts for loved ones. At Wellesley Row, we have an amazing collection of bracelets to help either you or your loved one show off their personal style. Whether it's a graduation charm bracelet, a gemstone bracelet, or even an engraved bracelet, we have a wide array of choices for you to help find the perfect new piece of jewelry for either yourself or for that important person in your life. 

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