Great Ideas for Creatively Storing Your Jewelry

December 02, 2021

Great Ideas for Creatively Storing Your Jewelry

Whether it's a treasured heirloom ring, a bracelet from a close friend, a rose gold charm necklace from your special someone, or any other piece of jewelry, keeping it safe and sound is important. Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes and storing it properly can be difficult. All too often, jewelry is left lying around on furniture or dressers - which is bad for the jewelry, as well as making it difficult to find later, and easy to lose.

Proper storage is crucial - but how? We've got a few tips!

Four Great Ways To Store Unusual Or Precious Jewelry

1 - Hang on a wall

Why keep your jewelry locked in boxes or other containers where it's out of sight? A pegboard, pins in a corkboard, or similar setup allows you to hang up your jewelry in an organized fashion. This allows you to use your jewelry as decoration even when you're not wearing it! Plus, being able to easily see your jewelry makes it that much easier to select the perfect piece in the morning, without having to rummage through a bunch of drawers.

2 - A classic jewelry box

Sure, you could use a basic plastic container, but why be bland?  Find a classic jewelry box, like from a second-hand shop. They typically contain compartments for pieces in many sizes and give you a classic way to store all the pieces which are most precious to you. The box itself is often an amazing display piece!

3 - Keep often-used items in a tray

Do you have a signature item?  Are there a few pieces you find yourself coming back to, day after day? If so, keep these out where they're easily accessible. A small tray on your dresser or nightstand can easily hold your favorite jewelry items so that they're easily within reach whenever you're getting dressed.

4 - Organize according to color and style

Do you have enough pieces that selecting the right one for any outfit becomes a struggle? Be more organized! A good jewelry box has plenty of compartments, and that allows you to sort based on color, metal, or gemstones. A little organization makes it far easier to pick out pieces of jewelry that will be right for the day's outfit, without requiring much extra time to keep organized.

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