Finding Perfect Piece of Jewelry for the Ladies in Your Life

July 05, 2021

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When it comes to choosing a beautiful piece of jewelry for the women in your life, it can often be challenging to know where to start. Whether it’s for a family member, friend, or partner, you want to make sure you’re sending the right message and choosing an appropriate gift for the occasion. Choosing from necklaces to earrings to engraved bracelets can be difficult, so check out some of these tips for making sure you’re choosing the right piece for the right moment!

What are her Favorites?

The first thing you should always start with is to think about some of your loved one’s favorite pieces. For example, does she always have earrings on? Does she like to wear big, flashy necklaces? Think back to some of the jewelry she’s worn frequently, and that will give you a great starting point for where to begin your search. If you’ve seen her wear a particular piece of jewelry on numerous occasions, then chances are good that a similar style will go over well. Pay specific attention to whether it’s gold or silver, flashy or understated, and whether or not it has a modern or vintage feel.

What is her lifestyle?

The next big thing to consider is what her lifestyle looks like and whether you’re buying the piece for a specific occasion. Does she work in a professional environment, and are you searching for something she can wear in the workplace? If yes, then a flashy piece of boho-style jewelry probably isn’t the best fit. Does she love throwing on statement pieces when she puts on casual wear while going out with friends? If this is true for her, then maybe check out some fun and flashy vintage pieces. Try to really get a feel for when she puts on jewelry and what type of style might fit best for her in her day-to-day jewelry wear.

Do your Research!

The final and most important piece of advice for your jewelry search is to make sure you’re doing your research! Asking family members or friends is always a great idea, as they might have insight into the preferred styles that you haven’t picked up on. Make sure you also take a peek at her social media and see what types of jewelry accounts she follows so you can get an idea of her preferred brands as well. Don’t be afraid to take your time and explore all these avenues so you can make sure you’re finding the perfect piece.

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