Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Wearing Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

July 02, 2021

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

For many years, charm bracelets have remained one of the most heartfelt and timeless pieces of jewelry that you can buy for yourself or a loved one. Unlike any other gift, charm bracelets tell a story that can be added to over time. These unique pieces of jewelry can be tailored precisely to your needs - whether you purchase an initial bracelet to remind you of someone you have lost, or you decide to buy a charm bracelet for your daughter so that she can add charms to it throughout the milestones of her life.

If you have never explored the world of charm bracelets, it is important to know how to find the exact style you're looking for and how to wear it appropriately. At Wellesley Row, we sell stunning, high-quality sterling silver charm bracelets, along with a wide array of unique charms. Here we have provided a complete guide to our sterling silver charm bracelets so that you can get the most out of these precious items.

Selecting and Styling Your Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

  • Buy an age-appropriate chain

If you are looking for a charm bracelet as a gift, it is important to choose an age-appropriate style. One of the best attributes of these accessories is that they are versatile enough to suit any age group. However, this also means that there are certain styles of charm bracelets that will not suit the demographic you are shopping for. For example, young girls often enjoy stocking up on fun charms such as our personalized elephant bracelet. However, if you are shopping for an adult, you may want to opt for something more subtle that can be worn day-to-day, such as one of our initial charm bracelets.

  • Explore symbolic charms

A charm bracelet is one of the most personal gifts you can buy for someone. If you are looking for a blank slate that can be easily modified over the years, an elegant silver chain may be all you need. However, if you are looking for something more individualized, you may want to buy a bracelet that already has one or more charms attached. An initial bracelet is always a popular choice, but you can find anything from a silver graduation cap to a wedding ring charm on our website.

  • Stand out with gemstones

When we think about sterling silver charm bracelets, bright colors don’t normally come to mind. However, if you are looking for a bold piece of jewelry that stands out from the crowd, a bright gemstone charm could be the perfect addition.

  • Stay on-trend

Charm bracelets have stood the test of time, but that does not mean that trends have not changed over the years. We have worked with countless fashion-forward social media influencers who are constantly teaching us new ways to pair our jewelry with any style. By staying on top of the latest trends, you will never run out of unique ways to wear your charm bracelet.

Shop Initial Bracelets & Much More

Tell your story with a charm bracelet from Wellesley Row. Contact us today to learn more about our selection!

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