Classic and Exclusive Designer Charm Jewelry

July 01, 2021

Classic Exclusive Designer Charm Bracelet

We've all seen the hype when it comes to charm jewelry! There are so many beautiful and expressive pieces floating around these days that make it possible for each person to have their own unique charm bracelet, personalized to exactly what matters most to them. Have you been curious about buying a charm bracelet for yourself or a loved one but aren't really sure where to start? Read on to find out more about why charm bracelets are so special and all of the different options available for you!

Charm Jewelry

Historically, charms have been worn in many different cultures across the world to act as small talismans to bring good luck, fortune, and ward off evil spirits. While it was previously common for charms to be crafted from materials such as shells, animal bones, and wood, today they are much more commonly seen in the forms of gems and sterling silver. Individual charms are often affixed to a bracelet, and these tiny tokens have special significance to the wearer. 

Gemstone Charms

One of the most common types of charms seen on traditional charm bracelets are gemstone charms. These might be purchased or given for a variety of different reasons. For example, perhaps the gemstone is representative of the wearer's birthstone. Maybe the wearer has a gemstone charm of rose quartz which has traditionally been associated with positive energy. Either way, gemstone charms often represent a more profound symbolic element that is significant to the wearer.

Luck Charms

Another common category of charms includes pieces that symbolize good luck and fortune. For example, charms such as a hamsa, a four-leaf clover, a horse-shoe, or the Eye of Horus can often be seen on many different bracelets. These symbols are amulets of protection or luck for the wearer and can be a nice added element to any bracelet as a sign of well-wishing and positivity.

Passion Charms

The final common type of charm seen in many charm bracelets represents the wearer's passions, hobbies, and interests. Adding these charms makes a bracelet unique and meaningful for that individual. Example charms might include things like a small compass, animal charms, representations of different natural elements such as palm tree charm, or even food charms like grapes or pineapples, which can all represent something deep or meaningful to the wearer.

Get Pineapple Tree Charms & Much More

If you are looking for some beautiful pineapple charm and more for your bracelet or that of a loved one, check out the wide variety that we have at Wellesley Row. Whether you're seeking a beautiful gemstone charm or something a little bit funkier, our customer service staff will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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