A Quick Guide to Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry

February 27, 2019

Sterling Silver Rolo Chains

Are you unsure about the difference between silver and sterling silver? Whether you’re buying a sterling silver duck necklace as a gift, or just treating yourself to something nice, understanding what you’re buying and what to look for is very important when shopping for jewelry. After all, not all jewelry quality is the same, so it’s important not to waste your time or money on low-quality products.

That’s why our team at Wellesley Row wanted to put together this quick guide about the differences between silver and sterling silver, and which is best for you.

The Difference Between Silver & Sterling Silver

While many people think they are the same thing, this is not the case at all. Silver is extremely soft and cannot be used to design and make jewelry. On the other hand, Sterling silver consists of about 7%-8% metal, while the rest is silver. This means it is much stronger and can handle the daily use and abuse that jewelry goes through.

While silver may not really lose its shine and luster, sterling silver will require more care due to its composition. However, it can easily be cleaned using a cloth, which should be done regularly to keep it looking its best.

The Advantages of Sterling Silver

So, now that you know the difference, what benefits does sterling silver offer? For starters, unlike some other precious metals, silver provides a reasonable price point for those looking for quality and durable jewelry at affordable prices. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which is not the case for all precious metals, and it means that anyone can use it without the fear of an allergic reaction.

When you also consider that it is very easy to take care of and maintain, you can see why sterling silver is such a popular choice.

Wellesley Row Has Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Covered

Our Wellesley Row sterling silver jewelry has something for everyone. You can express your very own story and personality with our charms, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. From duck charms to gemstones and even cufflinks, you will be able to find that special piece you’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about our free shipping options and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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