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Jewelry Manufacturing in Italy

Like anything in life, there's the easy way and the way that pushes you to go the extra mile (but is totally worth it in the end). That's kind of what it was like when we were deciding where in the world to have our designs made. We literally looked at a globe and knew we could go to China or Thailand to get silver jewelry made, but it just didn't align with the vision of our brand.

We wanted Wellesley Row to stand for quality, craftsmanship and excellence. We wanted people to feel special when they bought our everyday luxury jewelry. We wanted to have partners we could feel good about doing business with - knowing their employees were well-paid and had good working conditions. We wanted our pieces to be made by expert craftsmen who were passionate about their work and committed to getting every detail right.

Once we articulated our wants and expectations for the brand, the decision was crystal clear. It was Italy all the way. In 2014 we booked our tickets and off to JCK Las Vegas, the biggest jewelry trade show in the United States, we went to try to meet our partners. The trip was a success and the rest sort of fell into place. 

Currently, we work with a handful of factories sprinkled around Italy for our chains, clasps and charms. The quality of our products is second to none. Now we travel directly to Italy to review samples with our partners, attend trade shows and eat a lot of gelato. Best. decision. ever. Come live la dolce vita with Wellesley Row!